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The real risk factors for war

Steven Pinker:

“In my view there are threats to peace we should worry about, but the real risk factors—the ones that actually caused catastrophic wars such as the World Wars, wars of religion, and the major civil wars—don’t press the buttons of our lurid imaginations.

Narcissistic leaders. The ultimate weapon of mass destruction is a state. When a state is taken over by a leader with the classic triad of narcissistic symptoms—grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy—the result can be imperial adventures with enormous human costs.

Groupism. The ideal of human rights—that the ultimate moral good is the flourishing of individual people, while groups are social constructions designed to further that good—is surprisingly recent and unnatural. People, at least in public, are apt to argue that the ultimate moral good is the glory of the group—the tribe, religion, nation, class, or race—and that individuals are expendable, like the cells of a body.

Perfect justice. Every group has suffered depredations and humiliations in its past. When groupism combines with the thirst for revenge, a group may feel justified in exacting damage on some other group, inflamed by a moralistic certitude which makes compromise tantamount to treason.

Utopian ideologies. If you have a religious or political vision of a world that will be infinitely good forever, any amount of violence is justified to bring about that world, and anyone standing in its way is infinitely evil and deserving of unlimited punishment.

Warfare as a normal or necessary tactic. Clausewitz characterized war as “the continuation of policy by other means.” Many political and religious ideologies go a step further and consider violent struggle to be the driver of dialectical progress, revolutionary liberation, or the realization of a messianic age“.


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Shit happens / c’est la vie

Enric González:

“En su portentoso The better angels of our nature, uno de los pocos libros imprescindibles de este arranque de siglo, Steven Pinker afirma que la humanidad dio un gran salto hacia delante cuando se convenció de que la vida es como es y está a merced del azar y de fuerzas incontrolables. Una frase tan boba como “shit happens”, dice Pinker, constituye uno de los fundamentos de la civilización. Hasta entonces, allá por el siglo XVII, las desgracias necesitaban una explicación y recurríamos a las supersticiones: eran el castigo de Dios por algo que habíamos hecho mal, o el resultado de las malas artes de una bruja.

No, no. Shit happens. O c’est la vie, si lo prefieren en más fino“.

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