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Representative democracy

Harem Karem:

“In fact RepDem (representative democracy) does not allow people a free and transparent choice of their representatives. The truth is that the choice is selected for the people by the state which uses public and private media to influence public opinion in favour of certain parties, groups or individuals. The media and state organs are used to promote a limited number who are acceptable to the state. Anyone wishing to get the highly paid job of a representative needs:

To be on the side of the political system and to obey laws into which the people have never had any input.

To be a member of a party adhering to the political system which was imposed on the people centuries earlier and in which he had no say at all.

To have a great deal of money and demagogic skills.

To fulfil certain criteria for patriotism designed and formulated by the state (i.e. those already in power).

To be an accomplished liar and cheat”.



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